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Total Flooding System

Kaiser Asage Sdn. Bhd.

Wet & Dry Fire Protection System

Kaiser Asage Sdn. Bhd.

Fire Extinguisher System

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Total Flooding System

» CO2 Flooding System

» Inergen Flooding System

» FM 200 Flooding System

» Wet Chemical System

» Hi-Fog System

» Argonite Flooding System

» Pyrogen System

» AFFF Foam System

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Dry System

» Dry Riser System

» Deluge System

» Conventional and Addressable Fire Alarm System

» UVIR Detection and AFFF Foam System

» Emergency Lights and Exit Signs

» Public Annunciation and Evacuation System

» Fireman Intercom System

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Wet System

» Automatic Sprinkler System

» Wet Riser System

» Internal & External Hydrant System

» Fire Hose Reel System

» Water Spray System

» Fire Pump Room

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Fire Extinguisher

» Portable Fire Extinguisher

» CO2 Fire Extinguisher (2kg, 5kg, Trolly)

» ABC Dry Powder

» Training Service

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